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Smartphone usage is growing rapidly and android applications are key to a better smartphone experience. We have best android development course available to help you learn mobile application development. Android applications play a dynamic role in connecting businesses and customers. It empowers people to improve their lives. A professional and learned mobile application developer can fulfill their purpose by developing modern applications.

This Android Development course is designed to help you practice and apply the skills you learn in order to kick-start you professional career.

Our best android development course has following modules:

  • Introduction to Java: This module is designed to introduce you to Java programming language and teach you how to install Eclipse IDE, using variable, constants, loops, classes, inheritance, if-else conditions, function, abstraction and other related concepts in programming.
  • Android Basics: This will build your basics and helps you to set up Emulator and install Android Studio (SDK), API levels etc.
  • Create “Hello World” App: In this section, you will use acquired skills and create your first ever Hello World application.
  • Building Blocks: This module teaches everything about activity, life cycle intents, lab, content providers, transfer data between activities and broadcast receivers.
  • Fragments: A comprehensive understanding of fragments, the life cycle of fragments and how to pass data between fragments.
  • Android UI: In this module, you will be introduced to XML, views, layouts, common components of user interface and UI elements.
  • Multimedia: You will learn how to capture pictures from camera in Android application and getting pictures from gallery.
  • Save User Information: After you have acquired the user information, you will be able to save it with shared preferences. There will be an intro to SQLite and working on inserts, deletes and updates.
  • Mapping Based Services and Location: This section covers how to use location based services in Android application and use geocoder.
  • Network Request API: Participants will learn volley, getting data from live server, decoding data from Json, advance custom list views and using Json to show data.
  • Testing/Deployment: Last but not the least, this section is designed to teach how to deploy your app on Google Play Store.

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Career in Android App Development

In modern world when IT industry is on peak, there is a huge number of career paths you can take. Mobile App Development is the one of those fields that has seen a big rise in popularity in recent years. As a matter of fact, Mobile Apps usage has become so popular that businesses are required to develop their own mobile applications. Therefore, those who want to pursue career in mobile application development should never worry about the scope of field.

The job of mobile application development provides the flexibility and freedom to professionals. Because devices are highly portable nowadays, they help developers to access and use tools from anywhere in the world. Once an application has been developed, the developer can get it published on App Stores (for example Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store).

The success of a mobile application developer is heavily related to the number of users its app gets. Hence, it is essential to stay up-to-date with market trends for a developer.

We, at The Online Tutoring, teach our students the basics and advance technologies of building user friendly android mobile apps and guide them how to get their apps published on Google Play Store. If you take this course, a bright career is waiting for you. Take the first step today!

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10% discount on admission of 2 or more persons