Learn Calligraphy and Sketching (Complete Course)

This course will guide you to learn calligraphy and sketching, step-by-step, through the tools to use, and the scripts to produce and gives you the professional expertise in this beautiful art form.

Through this course, we aim to promote and revive the art of calligraphy which is intrinsic to our Islamic Art heritage.

The course is suitable for the beginners as it will start from the very basics and move towards advance level under the guidance of professional and experienced calligrapher.

Learn Calligraphy and Sketching (Course Contents)

  • Urdu hand writing and script recognition
  • Crafting the Bamboo Qalam and Cut pen
  • Ink-making
  • Traditional paper-making
  • Introduction of basic scripts
  • Thuluth, Naskh, Diwani, Nastaleeq and Ruqa’s rules and practice
  • Composition-making in all these scripts
  • Making a traditional calligraphy art piece

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learn calligraphy and sketching